• As a consultant at DR Design studio, I took part in the initial phases of visual identity development for danish public radio; P1, P2, P3 and P8 Jazz. With radio evolving from audio, to audio-visual and cross-platform – visual communication and branding was in need of an update. With the content and audience in mind, we developed design elements and guidelines that were simple to use, even for non-designers. The design has since been developed further.

    Art direction / graphic design / illustration

  • DR P2 is classical music. The visual identity builds on a simple and recognizable layout grid, with the format divided in two equal spaces. Headline type is hyphenated in weird ways, mimicking rythm and music. The images show musicians, composers, audience, together with abstract photos – the emotional experience of playing and listening to classical music.

  • DR P3 presents contemporary music and culture for the young listener. The visual identity is inspired by home-made zines, ”ugly” design – and street-graphics such as stickers and posters, which are constantly replaced and covered by new ones. This is a reflection of P3’s content which focusing on the now and the future – presented with attitude and laughs, and is more raw than polished.