• Visual identity and graphic design for Woodpecker Projects, an independent publishing house in Malmö. Woodpecker Projects aims to explore the intersection of word, image, and exhibition. Working with Woodpecker is to work freely, experiment, play and try new ideas materials and techniques.

    art direction / graphic design / visual identity / publications

  • Woodpecker Letters #1 is a publication based on Johan Furåkers’ exhibition A Poet in Need of and Empire. The publication consists of four posters in an envelope. Each poster has one of Johan’s paintings printed on one side and letters written on the other. The publication was riso-printed, folded, embossed and packaged during the opening of an exhibition.

    graphic design / art direction
    Riso-print / blind emboss


  • Publication design for Smetar av sig by Linnéa Eriksson. The publication is a documentation of Linnea’s experience reading Susan Howe’s poetry and prose piece The Midnight.